Wiener Beiträge zur Koreaforschung VI (2014)

_978-3-7069-0802-3Institut für Ostasienwissenschaften / Koreanologie, Universität Wien (Hg.):
Wiener Beiträge zur Koreaforschung VI (2014)

2014, ISBN 978-3-7069-0802-3, ISSN 1998-989X, 178 S., brosch.
€-A 32,00 / €-D 31,10

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INHALT: Youngmi Kim: North Korea: ‘Crisis as an Opportunity’ and the Unintended Consequences of Engagement; Hyug-Baeg Im: Exceptional Difficulties of Peace Building in Korean Peninsula: An Eclectic Approach; Robert Winstanley-Chesters: Examining Emergent Environmental Strategies in the Era of Kim Jong Un; Gianluca Spezza: Education, International Cooperation and Future Challenges for the DPRK; Valentina Marinescu & Ecaterina Balica: Kim Jong Il’s death and legacy: Media Frames and Myths in Romanian Media; Matteo Fumagalli: Regime Survival, Societal Resilience and Change in North Korea; Rainer Dormels: The Impact of Democratization Processes on the Recruitment of Cabinet Ministers in South Korea; Jeongim Hyun: What Makes A Social Movement Possible? A Case Study of Korea’s 2012 Candlelight Movement; Soyoung Kim & John Harbord: A Disparity between Faith and Actuality: A Story of North Korean Political Defectors in Bulgaria