Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies 9

Rüdiger Frank; Ina Hein; Lukas Pokorny; Agnes Schick-Chen (eds.):
Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies

[= Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies; 9]

2017, ISBN 978-3-7069-0985-3, XII + 352 S., brosch.
€ [A] 47,90 / € [D] 46,60


Christina Gmeinbauer: Close Encounter of the 3D Kind: Examining Constructions of the Foreign ‘Other’ in Japanese Videogames | Eva Ignatuschtschenko: Electronic Waste in China, Japan, and Vietnam: A Comparative Analysis of Waste Management Strategies | Sara Anna Juen: Between Jazz, Cherry Blossoms, and Baseball: Transculturality in the Publications of Murakami Haruki | Gerd Kaminski and Fangfang Xu: Overseas Chinese Associations in Austria | Stefan Kolar: Sino-Japanese Relations and the Potential for Militarised Conflict in the Twenty-First Century | Martin Mandl: East Asian Foodways: How Ingredients Speak of Regionality | Brigitte Pickl-Kolaczia: The Bunkyū Restoration: The Restoration of Imperial Tombs and Re-Design of Imperial Ancestor Worship | Rudiger Frank: Current Affairs in North Korea, 2010-2017: A Collection of Research Note