Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies; 7

978-3-7069-0849-8Rüdiger Frank/ Ina Hein/ Lukas Pokorny/ Agnes Schick-Chen (eds.):

Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies 7

2015, ISBN 978-3-7069-0849-8, ISSN 2219-4398, 256 Seiten, brosch.
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Albert Allgaier Nihon-Robotto-Ron: A Deconstruction of the Japanese ‘Robot Kingdom’ PhenomenonAnd ● Andrea Aumayr International Peace Cooperation Activities of Japan and the Republic of Korea between 2000 and 2010: A Comparative Analysis ● Rainer Doppler The Relation between Economic Development and International Trade: A Comparative Analysis of East Asian and Southeast Asian Economies ● Christine M. Havliček Innovation Transfer during the Warring States Period: Considering the Importance of Early China’s Relationship with the Steppes ● Isabel Heger The Meaning and Functions of the Concept of Yuanfen 缘分 in Contemporary China: A Qualitative Study with Students from East China Normal University ● Arthur Müller Sustainability in Hunting Licence Systems of Japan and South Korea ● Julia Renner Oral Corrective Feedback: Examining Teacher-Initiated Correction of CFL (Chinese as a Foreign Language) Learners’ Pronunciation Errors ● Mei Yang Liberty in Harmony: An Integration of Confucian Harmony and Liberalism in Contemporary China