Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies 6

_978-3-7069-0821-4Rüdiger Frank / Ina Hein / Lukas Pokorny / Agnes Schick-Chen (eds.):

Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies 6

2014, ISBN 978-3-7069-0821-4, VIII+237 Seiten, brosch.

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Nadja Drexel: Knowledge Creation in New Ventures Based on the SECI Model: Similarities and Differences Between Japan, South Korea, and Austria; Thomas Stephan Eder: Sino-Russian Relations: The Impact of Central Asian Energy Resources; Stefan Fuchs: Japanese ‘Right-wing Rock’? A Lyrics Content Analysis; Erich Havranek: Corroded by Globalisation: The Image of Japanese Literature in German Review Articles; Eva Rohrhofer: Media Systems and Political Systems in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis of China, Japan, and South Korea; Antonia Strachwitz: Discrimination Against Women in the People’s Republic of China and Japan: A Comparative Analysis of the Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action 1995–2010