Religion in Austria 3

Hans Gerald Hödl; Lukas Pokorny (eds.):
Religion in Austria 3

[= Religion in Austria; 3]

2016, ISBN 978-3-7069-0955-6, 316 Seiten, geb.
€ [A] 32,00 / € [D] 31,10


Religion in Austria fills a lacuna in the study of religions in Austria, providing detailed expert accounts on varied aspects of Austrian religious history and adjoining subjects, past and present. Based on original scholarship, this book series takes a Religious Studies perspective on the vast and largely uncharted domain of religion in Austria. || Eva-Marie Andiel: Austria’s Halal Meat Market: In-Between Halal, Halalness, and Halalisation; Júlia Gyimesi: From Spooks to Symbol-Formation: Early Viennese Psychoanalysis and the Occult; Astrid Schweighofer: In Search of a Modern Identity: Conversions from Judaism to Protestantism in Fin de Siècle Vienna in the Context of the Life Reform Movement; Hans Gerald Hödl and Valerie Krb: The Milk of Human Kindness and the Burning Bosom: A Case Study on Mormon Conversion Narratives in Vienna; Wolfram Reiss: The Management of Religious Diversity in the Austrian Armed Forces; Lukas Pokorny: The Unificationist Conversion Narrative: Current Perspectives on Past Experiences in the Austrian Unification Movement || 'The third volume of Religion in Austria adds a more systematic dimension to the series. Along with the expanded review section, this definitely makes it the most significant and conclusive reference-tool for the study of present-day religions in Austria. Everyone working in this field should have access to this series.' (Karsten Lehmann, Research Professor of Interreligiosity, Church University College of Teacher Education, Wien/Krems)