Marion Rana: Disruptive Desire

Marion Rana:
Disruptive Desire. The Negotiation of Sexuality in Millennial-Era Adolescent Fantasy Novels from Twilight to Hunger Games

[= Kinder- und Jugendliteratur im Sprachenunterricht, hg. v. Ulrike Eder u. Eva Burwitz-Melzer; 5]

2017, ISBN 978-3-7069-0959-4, 306 Seiten
€ [A] 28,50 / € [D] 27,70


From "Twilight" to "Vampire Diaries", "Hunger Games" to "Artemis Fowl" and "Harry Potter": This volume provides detailed analyses of the treatment of sexuality in a selection of bestselling millennial-era adolescent fantasy novels, and highlights the benefits of using these texts in the classroom. Adolescent novels implicitly serve as guides to instruct teenagers in the norms of (socially acceptable) sexual behavior. Their depiction thus resonates with adult reservations and fears of teenage sexuality as much as it reflects adolescents’ own unease with the growing immediacy of their carnal desires. "Disruptive Desire" argues that sexuality in mainstream adolescent fantasy novels is thus regularly depicted as an unpleasant disruptive force that has to be kept in check. This notion is accompanied by a general unease around explicit, adult and/or alternative sexualities, many of which are occluded from the novels altogether.