Loader Catharina u.a. (eds.): Literature and migration: South Africa

Catharina Loader and Helmuth A. Niederle (eds.): Literature and migration: South Africa. (= Wiener Schriften zur niederländischen Sprache und Kultur, hrsg. v. Herbert Van Uffelen, Bd. 2). ISBN 978-3-7069-0251-9. Broschiert, 2004, 183 Seiten. €-A 24,90; €-D 24,20

The primary goal of the symposium in Vienna was to introduce Europeans to South African literature and migration. The literary heritage of this country has achieved both the preservation of history and its investigation. It has managed to initiate mutual understanding while critically contributing to a nascent new identity. The importance of interaction between different countries, cultures and languages is reflected in the symposium papers collected in this book. Under the impact of the history of a country still in the process of transition perspectives from within South Africa and from without are espoused by prominent authors and academics.