Olsen/Rossel (eds.): Female Voices of the North II

Olsen, Inger / Rossel, Sven Hakon (eds.): Female Voices of the North II. An Anthology. In collaboration with Monika Wenusch (= Wiener Texte zur Skandinavistik (WTS), hg. v. Robert Nedoma u. Sven Hakon Rossel, Bd. 3). ISBN 978-3-7069-0155-0. Broschiert, 2006, 377 Seiten. €-A 32,00; €-D 31,10

The volume is a sequel to Female Voices of the North I from 2002, an anthology which presents texts, prose, drama and poetry by women writers from Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and Norway before 1814. The present volume focuses on 19 women writers from Finland, Norway, Sweden and even includes an entire poetry collection in Sami. Each presentation – written by American and European specialists – contains an introductory essay, a selected text in the original language as well as in an English translation, a list of primary works and a selected bibliography. Thus, the volume is an obvious choice as a text book for the teaching of modern Scandinavian literature, Comparative Literature, Women’s Literature and Gender Studies. Together, the two volumes present a representative selection of texts in various genres written by outstanding Scandinavian women writers – some already known abroad, others on their way to international recognition – from the Middle Ages to the present.