Robinson/Rossel (Hg.): Expressionism and Modernism

Robinson, Michael / Rossel, Sven Hakon (Hg.): Expressionism and Modernism. New Approaches to August Strindberg. (= Wiener Studien zur Skandinavistik (WSS), hg. von Robert Nedoma und Sven Hakon Rossel, Bd. 1). ISBN 978-3-7069-0022-5. Broschiert, 1999, 266 Seiten. €-A 28,80; €-D 28,00

Inhalt: Lotta Gavel ADAMS: The Dance of Death I: The Hells of August Strindberg and Lars Norén – from Swedenborgian Vastation to Bourgeois Waste Land – Paul AUSTIN: August Strindberg, Sam Shepard, and the Expressionist Impulse – Friedrich BUCHMAYR: August Strindberg and the Altered Perception of Modernism – Piotr BUKOWSKI: August Strindberg and the Expressionist Aesthetics of Pär Lagerkvist – Harry G. CARLSON: Theme, Image and Style in August Strindberg’s Expressionism – Barry JACOBS: Expressionist Elements in August Strindberg’s Charles the Twelfth – Hermann KECKEIS: August Strindberg and German Opera: Studies in the Transposition of the Genre of Strindberg’s Plays in Operatic Dramaturgy. A Textual Analysis – Arturo LARCARTI: August Strindberg in the Periodicals of Austrian Expressionism – Barbara LIDE: Stations of Expressionism: The Great Highway from To Damascus to Contemporary Performance – Brigitte MARSCHALL: Higher States of Consciousness in August Strindberg’s ‚Inferno Dramas‘ – Christopher Joseph MITCHELL: Gender and Marriage Construction Across the ‚Inferno‘: August Strindberg’s The Father and The Dance of Death I – Jan MYRDAL: An Exemplary Phase Reversal: The Modernity of August Strindberg – Ulf OLSSON: The Bloodstained Sign: The Problem of Expressivity in August Strindberg’s Black Banners – Michael ROBINSON: August Strindberg and Musical Expressionism in Vienna – Hannelore RODLAUER: Franz Kafka Reads August Strindberg – Nina SOLOMIN: August Strindberg’s Hostility Towards Jews (1879-1882) Birgitta STEENE: August Strindberg, Modernism and the Swedish Cinema – Eszter SZALCZER: August Strindberg’s Dramatic Expressionism and the Discourse of the Self – Grazyna Barbara SZEWCZYK: August Strindberg’s Influence on the Drama of German Expressionism – Agneta TAUBE: The Pattern of Narrative Desire in August Strindberg’s By the Open Sea – Karin TIDSTRÖM: Reception and Translation of August Strindberg’s The Ghost Sonata in France – Egil TÖRNQVIST: Screening August Strindberg’s A Dream Play: Meaning and Style – Margareta WIRMARK: Ingmar Bergman Directs August Strindberg’s The Crown Bride at Malmö Stadsteater 1952.